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    Staedtler graphite pencil

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    Whether you're sketching out ideas or creating detailed designs, the Staedtler graphite pencil is sure to become a favorite in your toolkit. With the option to customize it with your own logo, this pencil is perfect for adding a professional touch to your work. Its ergonomic triangular shape ensures a comfortable grip, while its high-quality graphite lead provides a smooth and consistent line.
    • Composition: Upcycled wood
    • Dimensions: 17.6 x 0.7cm
    • Features: Design lines, graphite lead
    • Customization technique: Laser engraving
    • Customization location: On barrel

    Made in Germany - LEARN MORE


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    Lead time: 21-35 days

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    Staedtler graphite pencil

    Note that our samples cannot be customized with your logo. These are shipped out blank or with Merchery logo on it, for you to see the level of quality.

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    Staedtler stands for creativity and invention, inspiring generations of thinkers and creators. Made from innovative materials, the graphite pencil is crafted for design lovers.
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