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Natural grass pencil

This pencil is complex in its simplicity. It is made of grass and recycled plastic in a factory at the top of the sustainability game. Meet your new day-to-day friend.

From 2.10€

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  • Colors

    Dark brown or beige

  • Pencil lead

    0.5 mm

  • Customization

    Laser printed logo

  • Customization colors

    Beige or grey

  • Customization area

    On 1 of the 3 faces of the pencil

  • Minimum order

    500 units

  • Lead time

    20 days

  • Production

    Made in Taiwan - LEARN MORE

The factory uses environmentally friendly processes. The raw materials used are sourced from recycled (BPA free plastic) or are renewable and locally sourced (for the grass). The factory is also optimized to avoid any waste of products or water.

Natural grass is one of the most primitive plant in the world, which occupies 25% of our land.

grass field for eco friendly pens made of grass