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Krama roller pen

The pens from Krama Studio are pieces of art. They are precise, long lasting, durable, and will get their own character over time and use. They are highly functional writing tools, they are technically accomplished and finely crafted. The design, production, and finishing processes are all done in Greece. Precision machined from a solid piece of Brass and/or Aluminum, with minimal use of material, pushing the boundaries of what a CNC milling machine can do. After they are processed to achieve a perfect finish, and they are patiently assembled and finished by hand.

From 65.00€

? Final price will depend on the quantity and level of customization.Request a quotation

  • Size

    136 mm

  • Colors

    Metal or black

  • Customization

    Laser engraving

  • Minimum order

    5 units

  • Production

    Made in Greece - LEARN MORE

Technically accomplished, finely crafted, highly functional writing instruments which qualify art.