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    BlogFeb 22, 2023

    Good talks, with good brands. #2


    We asked 5 questions to our friend Katy, founding editor at Creative Boom.

    - What is the mission of Creative Boom?

    Our mission is to celebrate, inspire and support the creative community. We are a magazine dedicated to the creative industry. Founded in 2009, we deliver news, inspiration, insight and advice to seven million creative professionals every year.

    - What role does the creativity sector play in changing people’s mindsets?

    Creativity has the power to change the world.

    - Do you have any insights for young designers?

    Find your voice and really lean into it. No one can copy the uniqueness of you. Then find a mission. Every decision you then make should relate to your voice and your mission. By having these two important things confirmed, they’ll act as anchors to everything you do – helping you stay on course, even during choppy waters.

    - Do you have some branding works that got you inspired?

    We always love the work of Pentagram, &Walsh, and Universal Favourite. But there is so much talent out there, it’s impossible to name every designer or studio. ThoughtMatter is doing some great things, too.

    - How can people get creative with merchandising?

    They can make it interactive with their audience. Get them involved from the very beginning. Not only will this ensure you create the right merch, it also gets people engaged from the start – making them feel involved and special.

    Thanks Katy! Discover more about Creative Boom here.

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