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Blog / LOGISTICSAug 31, 2022

Why did we launch Merchery Logistics ?


Inventory and shipping as easy as 1,2,3

There are multiple occasions during the year for which companies can order merch, from onboarding to team building. But wouldn’t it be easier for companies to have their merch «ready-to-go» for any occasion?

Since the launch of Merchery, many of our clients have requested us to manage their own logistics. Managing the production and logistics of these corporate gifts can be time-consuming for HR/marketing teams. This demand for the externalization of logistics has been strengthened by the current situation, with more and more teams being spread across different regions or countries.

To make the life of our clients easier, we came up with the right solution: Merchery Logistics.

Logistics is a fulfillment service to manage the stock and dispatch the merch of our clients. Concretely, with Merchery logistics we offer warehousing and distribution as a service to our customers. Whenever they want, wherever they want.

Employees, new hires, potential prospects, clients… Merchery logistics helps easily engage and connect with the ones that matter.


Demo of our Logistics platform of our client, Maze.

From now on, Maze can manage its inventory from the Merchery logistics platform, see the stock available for each product and easily manage it. Basically, they can see the number of pieces they have left, which models, colors and place new orders if needed.

Then, in one click, they can select which items and what quantity to send to one single or to multiple addresses worldwide. In addition, the app has different functionalities: history of shipments, invoices and saved addresses. All the information you might need in one place.

Basically, with Merchery Logistics, submit your request and we do the rest. As simple as that.

A time saver for all, isn't it?

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