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BlogAug 31, 2022

Who are our clients at Merchery ?


From start-ups to large companies. Merch is for everyone.

Merchery is a one-stop shop for beautiful and sustainable customizable merch.

The idea with Merchery was to create a selection of products that we would want for ourselves and would actually keep. So we designed a catalog of products and brands that we love, to offer our clients next-level merch by putting sustainability and design at the core of our business.

When you think about it, every organization on earth brands objects. Whether it is public organizations, your high school, cultural institutions, the museum at the corner of your street, or private companies.

You might be wondering, why do they all want and need personalized merch?

There are many great reasons for companies or organizations to offer customizable merch. However, 2 general use cases stand out principally: Internal use and external use.

Whether it’s for internal or external use, the goal behind it remains mainly the same: to thank employees, clients and stakeholders.

In both cases, companies love to cheer up their stakeholders with corporate gifts for different occasions during the year. From onboarding and team buildings to the well-known holiday gifts. Even for every other occasion, corporate gifts are always a lovely intention to keep the team motivated and make people feel grateful within or for the company.

In many cases, merch is used for promotion, external use. Either as a gift, or very often sold as a byproduct.

Finally, corporate gifts to live up to our brand planet

Degroof Petercam


But finally, who are we working for?

At Merchery, we are polyvalent and work for all sectors. Our clients come from everywhere and range from start-ups, big corporate companies to public institutions. Among others:

Investment funds, banks, consultancies: Bain & Company, Deloitte, Accenture, PWC, Adyen, Degroof Petercam,... Start-ups and scale-ups: Ubers eats, Deliveroo, Vinted, Gorillas, Kazidomi, Kimaï,… Public organizations: The city of Brussels, The Royal Ballet School,... Textiles: Organic basics, Parlez, Essentiel Antwerp,… Food: Deliciously Ella, Exki, Caraway,… Cosmetics: Caudalie, Weleda, Dior beauty,… Tech: Wetransfer, Spotify,... And many more...

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After all, what companies and brands really want, is to shine in real life. This is why we source the most beautiful and sustainable products. What better way to make your brand familiar and recognizable by everyone than with high-quality merch?

Are corporate merch good for your visibility? Definitely. From early stages businesses to big companies, establishing brand awareness with good-looking merch that won't go unnoticed is more than valuable.

Employees, customers or whoever you want to thank. They will always be delighted with a high-end personalized corporate gift. Finally some merch they will remember!

At Merchery, we’re here for every brand and company to shine in real life. For all needs and occasions.

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