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BlogJun 13, 2023

Svenja's story - MarkCom Intern

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Living and working in NY as a MarkCom intern.

Svenja was our first intern in the NYC office. She stayed with us for 4 months on the MarkCom team.

It was lovely to have her! She helped us a lot after a big launch - Merchery US. Shot really nice content and it was always fun to have her around :)

Read through and find Svenja’s Story where she gives us an insight into her experience of living and working for 4 months in the Big Apple.

“If you can make it here, you can make it anywhere”

I wanted to see for myself what the buzz about Big Apple and its working world was about so in February I took the leap, l packed my bags and moved to the City of Dreams to pursue mine.

In the four months as a Marketing and Communications Intern at Merchery, at the company’s NYC office, I not only gained a surround insight into the internal operations of an SME like Merchery and the economic development processes of expanding the business from Europe to the USA but I also got to experience American work culture firsthand.

After a warm welcome from the Merchery team, during the onboarding in the first days of my internship, I was trained in the applications and programs the company makes use of. Once finding my way around those, I enjoyed the diversity of the projects I would work on - every day of my internship looked different. Data base maintenance, check-in calls with the Brussels team, researching both potential clients and brands to collaborate with and content creation - a bit of everything. My favourite part was definitely shooting merch in the city that never sleeps; NYC’s photo spots make every content creator’s heart beat faster.

By working at the co-working space Merchery works from in NYC, I also got to live American work culture:

  • It’s all about networking - New York is amazing for growing your professional network! I think one of the biggest cultural differences I noticed is that Americans are way more open when it comes to engaging with strangers, it’s almost as if they are born with the art of selling yourself. At the co-working space I got to exchange contact details with many interesting and successful entrepreneurs just by chitchatting in the kitchen area.

  • The American dream does not come true by sitting around and that’s why they hustle! It’s true, I’ve met many New Yorkers whose working hours go way beyond 5pm and they eat lunch at their desk to keep working…

  • The most useful advice I can probably give to anyone that’s going to work at an office in the US is to bring a sweater, Americans do love their AC!

All witticism aside, interning in NYC truly was a dream and sometimes I had to pinch myself to check if I really was walking through this concrete jungle called New York on my way to Merchery’s office. I am so grateful for the opportunity of interning with Merchery and will definitely miss the Merchery family!"

Svenja Fix

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