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    BlogOct 20, 2022

    Private view(s) - Merchery Podcast

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    Listen In: “Just Buy Better” With Merchery

    On Private Views(s), a podcast showcasing ideas and opinions inside the world's most exciting creative studios by ASK US FOR IDEAS.

    Simon Polet - on how selling less equals success when it comes to making the corporate customisation market more sustainable.

    "The goal is to create a selection of products that people want, will keep and will continue to use, which is a real challenge in this industry. We’ve all come across that company pen that doesn’t work, that branded USB key you don’t use, that low quality sweatshirt… So we select our stock with quality and beauty in mind, and that is a pretty spontaneous process."

    Listen to the full episode on Spotify, Soundcloud and Apple Podcasts.

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